About Like a Boss

Like a Boss is a great source for reports about summoners and games in League of Legends. While you can see current game information if you view a summoner while they're playing, the site is focused on providing useful analysis of matches. Type in your summoner name, click a recent games, and look over the analysis.

This site has been deliberately designed with a light-weight modern design and most importantly, all pages should work on your phone as well as your laptop. I would frequently want to pop up the basic information on my phone while the game is loading or after the last game, and so phone support was a must.


My name is Serge Knystautas, and I've been programming and architecting software for 30+ years (yes I'm ancient). I used to do open source contributions before I got married and had kids, and have been running my own business either a software consulting or a software business for almost 20 years.

At the end of 2014 while on Christmas vacation, I decided I need a hobby. While I'm not a very good player, I like playing League of Legends and wanted clear analysis of my games. The new match history from Riot was better than the in-game stats screen with chat, but I thought it didn't have a lot of the key information players talk about for how well they had performed.

What's next?

I registered the likeaboss.gg website with Riot and was approved and granted a higher volume access, though I've yet to promote it. I keep finding new ways to analyze the data to capture more of what are common challenges at all level of play from bronze up to master. I'm watching every EU and NA LCS splits week matches and attended week 7 in California.

This is purely a hobby site for me at this point. I've paid some money for a domain and basic services, and put some basic ads on the site, but have yet to earn my first $1 from this. I don't expect to ever charge for access, but hope to keep building this up to make this very informative to me and anyone else interested in the same analysis.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to collect feedback and ideas from others. I hope it's improving your play and giving you a great understanding of what happened in games.

Thanks for visiting! -- Serge

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